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Johan ‘Notail’ Sundstein, or BigDaddyNotail as he is often known as, did not start the last season very well. OG had just performed poorly at TI7 and that form continued into the new season. Towards the end of the season, his close friend and co-founder of OG, Tal ‘Fly’ Aizak left the team along with Gustav ‘S4’ Magnusson to join Evil Geniuses. It seemed OG might not even have a team to make it to TI8. But they did make it and the rest is history. OG won TI8 in the most unexpected fashion and netted a hefty sum of $11 million (a bit more than that, actually).

Well, it just gets better for Notail. His achievement was recognized by Forbes and Notail has been inducted in the Forbes 30 under 30 list in gaming!

This was what Forbes put up on their website:

“Not just the cofounder of the esports team, OG, “n0tail” also captained his underdog Dota 2 squad to an improbable first place finish at The International 8 in August, netting the roster over $11 million in winnings. Sundstein’s team is sponsored by Red Bull.”

The Forbes 30 under 30 is a prestigious list and making it there is no small feat. I’m sure if anyone would have asked Notail about achieving all this a year back, he would have been skeptical. But hard work and persistence make it happen! From all of us at VPEsports, congratulations Johan ‘Notail’ Sundstein!

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