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The fourth online season of OGA Dota PIT kicked off this Tuesday with all eight participants having their respective opening series scheduled through the day.

With the tournament set to unfold across four days in a double elimination bracket, the battle for title announces to be pretty intense, especially since the finals days are bound to be held on a new patch. With that in mind, starting on the right foot brings the winners more chances to actually adapt their playstyle to whatever the Mistwood update will bring to Dota 2 on Thursday, without having to worry about elimination.

Natus Vincere and Alliance have done just that, already securing a place into the upper bracket semifinals. The day opened with NAVI taking on Live to Win, who received a last minute invite to the event replacing the now disbanded Just Error squad. Coming fresh from their run at Epic League, Live to Win decided to play outside the meta in game one and aligned a carry Naga Siren draft, but unfortunately for them, the Song of the Siren was not enough to scare off their adversaries as NAVI had a song of their own with Medusa reigning supreme in the engagements courtesy of a Venge-Io support duo that empowered her in the team fights.

LtW reverted to meta hot picks in game two and tried to keep NAVI under control with the Faceless Void-Snapfire combo. However, they revealed the Void first in the draft, giving their opponents a hint on what was about to come and therefore their entire plan got countered with highly mobile heroes coming from Natus Vincere, who ran over them with a 2-0 victory.

 Moving into the next series, mudgolems started their tournament run against Alliance and tried to execute a strategy abused by OG in the Epic League, namely the Morphling – Earth Spirit duo. While Morphling was sent mid-lane, mudgolems tried to force an early fast tempo with a carry Nightstalker and an offlane Death Prophet, but much like LtW in the previous series, they found themselves playing into heroes able to easily outmaneuver them on the map.  The second game featured two of the star carries of the patch, mudgolems charging with a Sven while Alliance stood strong with a Troll Warlord and prevailed, joining NAVI in the semifinals.

While Alliance and NAVI will fight against each other tomorrow, December 16, for a spot into the upper bracket finals, mudgolems and Live to Win will be battling with their tournament lifes on the line in the first round of the lower bracket.

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