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There really is nothing like it on the market. Super Bit Machine, makers of Armajet, have announced that its competitive team-based arena shooter, is now available on Android and PC via Steam Early Access. A cross between classic games such as Defender™ and Joust™, Armajet players can pilot their jetpacks straight into the action in thrilling 4-minute rounds with up to 8 players through online play.

“The future of competitive gaming is cross-platform and we’re excited to get feedback from both PC and mobile players so that we can continue to evolve and perfect Armajet’s gameplay,” said Super Bit Machine Co-Founder, Alexander Krivicich.

The title features unique customization tools and gameplay features including, “the ability to level up your favorite weapons, customization and crafting systems, a unique Bounty Reward system to earn items during gameplay, and challenges that are achieved through weapon progression.” In its current state Team Deathmatch is the only mode available, but new dynamic modes are in fact scheduled for a later release.

To play, people can create a Super Bit ID that allows them to continue their Armajet experience on all available platforms, with progression and stats transferring across each system. Joining matches is easy with the game’s intuitive drop-in and drop-out system, where bots will take over characters until the room is full.

“Armajet is the type of game we believe appeals to both the competitive player and anyone who loves fast-paced games with engaging gameplay and satisfying progressions,” said Nicola Geretti, Super Bit Machine Co-Founder. “Our proprietary technology allows players to face off on both PC and mobile at any framerate and pick up their progress where they left off as they please.”

Armajet is available as a free download on Steam and Android devices and features cosmetic items available for purchase in-game..

“During the Early Access period, Super Bit Machine will be listening closely to community feedback to tune the features and balancing even further so that it’s the best teams with the quickest guns and intelligent tactics that take the victory.”

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