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Mistakes were made. Romanian Twitch streamer Lucia “Lucia_omnomnom” was banned from the popular broadcasting platform for three days following an incident in which she went topless on stream.

The streamer posted to Instagram stating that she thought she had ended her stream when she hosted and raided another streamer and was unaware she was still on-air.

“3 days suspension. Seems like I was still broadcasting even thought I raided and hosted someone else at the end of my stream,” she said in a comment on one of her photos.

Photo: Lucia_omnomnom Twitch
Photo: Lucia_omnomnom Twitch

Of course going topless is against Twitch’s rules as “Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities” along with “sexually suggestive content or activities” are prohibited on the platform.

The clip made its way to (Previously link removed) Reddit where it garnered plenty of attention and led people to question why the ban was only three days. Members of the community compared the punishment to the likes of the lengthier bans handed out for inappropriate comments such as racial slurs or homophobic remarks.

It is possible that Twitch let it slide due to it clearly being a mistake, but then one must question whether or not the team behind these decisions should ignore the intent and context around certain words being used that have resulted in longer bans.

Lucia_onnomnom has been streaming since September 2018 and became a partner within a month and currently sits as 24,000 followers. She has already returned to streaming following her bans expiration.

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