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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

On twitter today, JYP confirmed that TaeJa was going to be participating in the GSL qualifiers for next season. The tweet is here

There are some rumors going around that he has a ridiculous MMR and that wouldn’t surprise me too much considering that I’ve always considered him to be one of the two biggest talents to have ever touched the game of Starcraft 2 (the other being Life). Still even with that being said, he’s been in the military for the past 19 months or so and I personally can’t expect him to do that well. It’s been a long time since he’s played and while this time period isn’t as exhaustive or insane as the KeSPA period, I somehow don’t think he can cover the gap that quickly. Either way it’ll be interesting to watch as even at the end of his career when he was practicing even less than usual (and he was always notorious for not practicing much), he still gave Zest a run for his money when Zest was the defacto best player. Either way it should be fun.

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