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PUBG Corps fight against cheating in its esports scene continues. On Tuesday, the company issued a Twitlonger, revealing the names of 10 pro players, who’ve received two or three-year-long bans for playing unfair. Out of the 10, six have also used the cheating software in professional matches.

The investigation is part of PUBG Corp’s background check on all players ahead of the PUBG Global Championship. To keep as much of the integrity of the championship as possible, the company is not only banning the cheaters, but also their teammates who knew of or assisted in the malicious behavior.

“Although the minimum suspension period for the use of an unauthorized program in-game is one year, the nature of the particular program that was used suggests that its usage can severely damage the integrity of the game in an insidious manner,” PUBG Corp wrote. “Due to the relatively more disruptive intent that is inherent in the usage of such a program, we are issuing a suspension that is significantly longer than the minimum.”

The banned players

Avalon (NightWolf Korea) — 2 years
Smitty (Free Agent) — 2 years
Papaya (ex Player One Esports) — 3 years
Cabecao — 3 years
TEXQS (ex Pittsburgh Knights) — 2 years
S1D (Red Diamonds) — 2 years
Swalker (eSuba) — 3 years
zuppaa (eSuba) — 3 years
Houwlow (Sans domicile fixe) — 3 years
sezk0 (Sans domicile fixe) — 3 years
THZ (Sans domicile fixe) — 3 years
Steph (Sans domicile fixe) — 3 years


The ban wave means that several teams will have to either leave the PUBG Esports League (PEL) entirely, or make changes of they want to keep their spot. With all of its four players banned, Sans domicile fixe will be forfeiting their spot in Contenders. Red Diamonds and Pittsburg Knights will be allowed to stay in PEL, provided they replace S1D and TEXQS, respectively.

PUBG Corp also reminded players that they will not be lenient at all when it comes to cheating in professional matches. Abusers will receive a minimum of three-year ban if caught. “Any organization or team member in full knowledge of the cheating activities of any of their team players will receive a penalty that is equivalent to that of the players who has directly engaged in those cheating activities,” the developer added.

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