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Gen.G have established the first dynasty in competitive Heroes of the Storm. On Saturday evening, the Korean squad swept Dignitas at the HGC World Championship finals to win their second world cup title in a row, after the roster won the 2017 edition as MVP Black.

This was the final that everyone expected, though the score wasn’t. Gen.G ran away with a flawless 3-0 sweep over the historically strongest European roster, finishing their World Championship run with a 17-3 score. The scoreline is in stark contrast to the previous time the two teams met at an international grand final. At the Mid-Season Brawl in June, Gen.G barely overcame Dignitas in seven games.

While Dignitas were supposed to be the team to give the champions the hardest time, it was in fact another European roster — Team Liquid — that made Gen.G bleed. Led by legendary esports professional Dennis “HasuObs” Schneider, Liquid was the only team that managed to take games off the Koreans in the tournament. HasuObs’ five even took their semi-final bout against the champions to five games, nearly knocking them out on Braxis Holdout — a map that rarely makes appearance in competitive games.

With three international titles in a row, and four overall, Gen.G’s core is now by far the most successful in the history of the game. Their victory also marked South Korea’s second championship run at BlizzCon, following the success of Korea’s Overwatch World Cup team.



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