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With an old school game like Halo 3 making an appearance at the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn event this year, it’s only fair that some old school legends make an appearance as well.

The game created in 2007 was the third installment in the Halo franchise and as such brings with it plenty of history including star players, remarkable esports moments, and more.

Some of those players are currently here in the Willis Tower as part of the official broadcast team for the event which kicked off at 8:30pm CT and will run until the sun comes up tomorrow, July 14. David “Walshy” Walsh casting, alongside Tom “Tsquared” Taylor, Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky, Kyle “Elamite” Elam and Jon “Fallout” Kefaloukos are all here and bring real experience from the series to the stream.

Breaking down the games and casting the action, these legends and others have helped make Halo the franchise it is today, a series that brings over 100 people out to play a 12 year old game.

Elamite is a former professional player who made his debut in 2005 during the Halo 2 era and followed it up with a US Championship FFA tournament win in Halo 3, netting him $50,000. He is currently the Operations Manager at Team Reciprocity.

Walshy is another former professional who played at the tip-top of the scene as a member of Final Boss (previously Team 3D/StK). Walshy kicked off his Halo career in 2003 during Halo: Combat Evolved. He won many titles and competed for years up until retiring in March, 2012. He is now an active member of the commentary crew for Halo events.

Another player who began his journey in Halo: Combat Evolved, Tsquared is present on the couch to help break down the action. Tsquared competed on many teams before ultimately settling down with Str8 Rippin. After a fantastic run with the team and organization, Tsquared retired in April, 2015.

Fallout is a little different in that he is a former professional Gears of Wars player who transitioned in a gaming leadership role at Microsoft as well as into commentating in esports.

Not known for being a player, Bravo served as a coach for teams such as Final Boss and Triggers Down in the early days before moving his focus to commentating.

There’s something special about having old school players and legends of the franchise taking part in a tournament such as this. Knowing that they competed at the highest level in this title and are now guiding fans through the action should add some verity to the broadcast.

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