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The conclusion of his year’s Hearthstone Championship Circuit (HCT) is approaching. There are only two events left — the Winter Championship and the World Championship — and the first of the two already has a date.

The final $250,000 seasonal event will head for Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles Feb. 28 – Mar. 3. The tournament will pit 16 players for cash, circuit points and seeds to the World Championship.

While the weekend of peak Hearthstone action is certainly exciting for the fans, it won’t be all that’s in store for them that month. Blizzard has confirmed that on Feb. 19, they will announce the new competitive Hearthstone format — the one that will be used throughout the new circuit.

The company first mentioned they would be retiring Conquest as part of their HCT 2019 announcement. The format was introduced to promote deck diversity, as it required players to not only bring multiple decks, but win with each one to take the series. Conquest therefore was in direct contrast to Hearthstone’s original format of Last Deck Standing, where a player could sweep the opposition with his best deck.

Blizzard are yet to give hints what the new format will be. In other projects like the Hearthstone Global Games, the company has experimented with a pick/ban deck selection akin to MOBA games, so the 2019 format could potentially be a spin on that concept.

Apart from the new format, Blizzard will be providing information on how the HCT 2019 will function in general. This will be the first season under the leadership of Sam Braithwaite, who took over Che Chou as director of Hearthstone esports.

HCT Winter Championship players


—  Faeli
—  Bunnyhoppor
—  ThunderUP


—  bobbyex
—  bloodyface
—  Ike
—  noblord


—  Tansoku
—  Definition
—  Roger
—  Tyler


—  Silent
—  Caimiao
—  Yueying
—  GoeLionKing

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