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The length of time it takes to revive a downed teammate in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout mode has been extended according to a Senior Game Designer with the game’s developer Treyarch. In response to a post on Reddit citing a YouTuber by the name of Tejbz regarding the timer being doubled, Matt Scronce chimed in with the facts.

“Negative. Blackout was 3 seconds revive in beta and we’ve increased it to 5 seconds for launch,” the Senior Game Designer corrected. The team understands that a change like this needs to be looked at closely and other moving parts around it may need adjustments. With this in mind, Scronce went on to add that the movement speed of a downed and crawling teammate had been “slightly increased,” stating that “a faster crawl which allows you to reach cover quicker, we felt a slightly longer revive time was needed.”

Fear not though, as the game already has an item implemented to help get your teammates back in the fight quickly in the form of the Medic perk. The Medic perk can be found around the map and activated to reduce the revive time by 50%.

While some may think this is too quick, it is all intentional according to Scronce. “We enjoy the gameplay around revive times at a quicker pace compared to the genre standard,” he said in his post. While other games like Fortnite and PUBG have much longer revive times, battle royale games are certainly still new enough to break the mold in an attempt to create something unique.

Treyarch has proven they intend to continue their monitoring of community feedback and testing and will make adjustments as they deem fit. We can only hope the final product is as good as many anticipate it will be.


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