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Asmongold has announced his plans to take “a break from streaming indefinitely” after what he says was a back and forth for several weeks. He admits that this is why his streams had been more spaced out which he described as “why I’ve missed so many days.”

In terms of the reasoning behind it, he doesn’t share much. The popular World of Warcraft content creator states that there are “a lot of different reasons why, too much to list out in a tweet” and leaves it at that.

Well not exactly “at that” as the streamer made a follow-up tweet to clear up what he deemed as people “misinterpreting” what he said. He stated that he’s “not quitting, just taking a break. I’m just not sure how long, probably a month or so.”

In addition, he said “it’s not because of chat/Rust lol, obv chat tilts me sometimes though.”

This has left fans wondering what exactly the true reason(s) behind it could be with some claiming burn out, others saying he perhaps caught a lot of flack for one of his opinions which he’s known for being rather outspoken about. It’s hard to imagine it’s the latter as Asmongold rarely takes a dangerous approach (open to interpretation) and is typically fair (also open to interpretation) and articulate in his approach to topics he addresses.

Regardless, his many thousands of fans will be longing for his return stream and he will most likely hit numbers much higher than his average given the excitement that will most likely build around his return.

Photo: Asmongold Twitch

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