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Tinker is the last Artifact hero revealed in the sense that all hero cards have already been shown now. Fairly aggressive, Tinker is aligned with the black color, comes at 7/0/5 stats and is all about pushing damage.

Tinker’s innate active ability is Laser. On a 3-turn cooldown, Laser does 3 damage to a unit and disarms it for that round. A disarmed unit will not deal damage in the combat phase, so that’s a good way to disable a buffed creep or a hero.

Tinker’s signature card is an improvement, March of the Machines. March is a powerful, but expensive card, which represents one of the few ways that black can deal AoE damage. March of the Machines has a clocked time of 3 charges. Before the start of each action phase, it loses a charge and March deals 2 damage to the tower and each enemy in that lane.

Tinker’s toolkit will make him an MVP when fighting other aggressive decks. March of the Machines is an efficient way to combat low-health units and stall lane aggression. The improvement can also secure what Garfield calls “upkeep kills”, i.e. killing a hero at the very start of the turn, essentially removing it for two whole turns.

Furthermore, the Laser ability is a two-in-one. The 3 damage is always enough to kill an aggro minion. When it isn’t, the disarm comes in, taking away the combat damage from a unit. This can be used to disarm the enemy Sorla Khan, for example — a great move in aggro race match-ups. Or disarm Axe and keep your units safe.

Overall, Tinker likely won’t be an auto-include in every single black deck, but could be a good pick in aggro metagames. If you’re struggling to win the face races, the hero could really shine, offering offensive and defensive options at the same time.

With Tinker revealed, there’s just one more Artifact card left to be shown, redditor /u/FG_Rasmus says — a “niche constructed [red] card that some like and some don’t care for.”

tinker march of the machines

tinker laser



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