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It is common understanding between pro players that competitive Artifact decks need to feature at least two colors. The reason is simple: one color can’t do it all and introducing a variety of them covers more potential situations and threats. Well, that’s not what Artifact Preview Tournament runner-up Mogwai thinks. On his stream last night, the Spaniard went 5-0 in a Constructed Gauntlet, rocking a mono-blue control deck.

The deck is all you expect from a mono blue control. All the area-of-effect removal. All the good blue heroes. Big late-game finishers. Patience is the modus operandi of Mogwai’s mono blue control.

Let’s take a look at his list:

artifact deck mono blue control

OK, now, what’s Mogwai’s early, mid and late game plans? Mogwai’s flop heroes are Luna, Ogre and Zeus. While these are a bit squishy heroes, the deck uses a variety of board manipulation techniques such as Compel, Cunning Plan and Frostbite to keep them alive.

Once the boards are stable, the mono blue starts using Kanna in conjunction with Dimensional Portal and Prey on the Weak to start going wide on the board. If things get out of hand, the mid-game board clears come in play: Annihilation, Conflagration, Eclipse and so on. The deck then starts chipping down towers with unit attacks and Arcane Assaults. The goal is to get a tower down to 20 health — a lethal damage for Bolt of Damocles.

What you’ll notice in how this mono blue control deck chooses its items is that it’s all about protecting heroes. Every single one of the nine items either buffs the hero’s health or armor or lets them blink away from bad situations. Since blue heroes are squishy, Mogwai wants to keep them alive at all cost as to not lose his spellcasting ability in a lane.

Of course, the deck runs triple Aghanim’s Sanctum, essentially doubling the mana pool in a tower. Combine it with Ogre’s Magi passive, and on comes the barrage of blue spells.

You can watch Mogwai play the deck here.


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