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Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert and his black/red aggro deck came first in Group B’ of WePlay’s Artifact tournament today. On the way to the top, the German overcame one of tournament’s favourites, Joel “Heffaklumpen” Larsson in a manic highlight series.

Tied at 1-1, the two players sparred for the top spot in the group. Running similar BR aggro lists with Sorla Khan, the game was essentially a life race. And in that race, Heffa’s Disciple of Nevermore was supposed to be the star. Going wide in the left lane and taking down the first tower by Mana Turn 5 (MT5), Heffa was tasting victory.

What followed was a masterclass in strategy by Xixo. Deciding to fight with all he had for that left lane, Xixo not only saved it but turned it around, ultimately chasing away Heffa’s board. Meanwhile, threatened by the very unusual The Oath buff in the mid lane, Heffa committed his heroes there, only to see there’s no way to take the tower himself. In the left, what was once Heffa’s domain became his downfall as Xixo ground out the last hit points for the win.

Xixo’s win was impressive not because of his opponent, but because of his list too. His deck featured left field choices such as Tinker and The Oath, putting a lot of pressure to persistent AoE damage and straight up buffs. For him, the Oath functioned both as a finished akin to Disciple of Nevermore, but also as consistent pressure mechanism from the early turns.

You can see the decklist below.

With the victory, Xixo joins Cong “StrifeCro” Shu and Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy in the WePlay playoffs.

WePlay’s playoffs line-up (3/16)

— StrifeCro: UG Combo
— Lifecoach: RG Ramp
— Xixo: BR Aggro

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