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Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen joins his SK Telecom T1 teammate Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert in the WePlay Artifact tournament playoffs. The Dane played his own rendition of BR aggro — the same list Xixo used to win Group B — to top the opposition in record time.

Viewers who watched day 1 of the WePlay tournament will be very familiar with the modus operandi of this list. It features unorthodox at first sight techs Tinker and The Oath, but the deck is yet to lose a series.

Hoej’s pair of 2-0’s came against fellow Hearthstone competitors Dima “Rdu” Radu and Tugay “MrYagut” Evsan. The Dane barely even lost towers on his victory marches, zerging down enemies with the power of Sorla Khan and Axe.

The black/red archetype is perhaps one of the surprises of the tournament. A couple of pro players, including Ole “Naiman” Batyrbekov, told VPEsports they expect black to be on the sidelines. Their arguments were rooted in the many counters to black the other colors possess, including board clears and armored units. Instead, BR Aggro has now won half the groups and represents half of the archetypes qualified for playoffs so far.

The other big, though expected, deck to beat has been the red/green midrange/ramp. The list relies on Stars Align and Selemene’s Favor to accelerate mana and play early Time of Triumphs and Spring the Traps.

WePlay playoffs line-up (5/16)

— StrifeCro: UG Combo
— Lifecoach: RG Midrange
— Xixo: BR “The Oath” Aggro
— StanCifka: BR Aggro
— MieGod: RG Ramp
— DrHippi: RG Ramp
— Hoej: BR “The Oath” Aggro

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