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The WePlay tournament is about to begin today with Group A. The pool features Hearthstone veterans like Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy and Cong “StrifeCro” Shu, but also players coming from GWENT, such as Raphael “GameKing” Iciren and Mark “Petrify” Fittipaldi. Leading up to the event, the organizers have started publishing the player’s lists, and first on the line is aforementioned Group A. Below, we see Lifecoach’s deck of choice, a standard, high-value red/green midrange.

Few will be surprised by Lifecoach’s choice of heroes and cards. The deck opens with Axe, Treant and Legion Commander on the flop — all three being durable, heavy-hitting heroes. It curves well with Bronze Legionnaire and Mercenary Exiles and transitions to powerful green improvements in the mid game. Triple Mist of Avernus and Selemene’s Favor ensure a powerful late game entry, where Spring the Trap and Time of Triumph await.

The deck’s main fighting power comes from its heroes, but the creeps are nothing to scoff at either, especially with Drow giving them global +1 attack power.

You can see the deck in action today, as Lifecoach is opening the tournament. Stream is available here.

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