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VPEsports recently had the opportunity to ask the rosters of every Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team competing in the MPL-PH a few questions.

In this interview, we spoke with members of the Team BSB MLBB roster. The squad shared their thoughts on young talent, the best thing(s) to happen to MLBB, the best metas, and more.


VPESPORTS: Is there an up and coming player you think teams should keep an eye out for?

Coach Aaron: Haze
SHAIDERQT: Karl, pheww, lasti, ribo, coco
KAP WAN: Zapnu
Wilson: Hadji
Trebor: Haze
Jeraxnu: Aqua

VPEsports: Which meta was your favorite and why?

Coach Aaron: 1-2-2. It brings out the mechanical skills and game IQ of every player
SHAIDERQT: 1-2-2 meta, because you will see the different rotations
Trebor: No redd buff
Jeraxnu: Red buff meta

VPEsports: What’s the best thing to happen to MLBB?

Coach Aaron: Removal of cheats.
SHAIDERQT: When I have qualified again for mpl.
KAP WAN: No cheats.
Trebor: No map hack
Jeraxnu: Heavy punishment for players who feed and AFK

VPEsports: What’s your favorite sport to watch outside of MLBB? What about traditional sports?

Coach Aaron: Dota and basketball
SHAIDERQT: Basketball, Dota 1
KAP WAN, Wilson, Trebor, Jeraxnu: Dota 2

VPEsports: What character do you enjoy playing but needs a buff to play in competitive? What would you change?

Coach Aaron: Kimmy. I would slightly reduce the energy being consumed by its first skill when Kimmy doesn’t have a buff. Although the nerf made was quite reasonable.
SHAIDERQT: Mages with blue buff.
KAP WAN, Wilson: Fanny, improve energy
Trebor: Cyc
Jeraxnu: Johnson all teammates can get to ulti

VPEsports: Do you think Mobile esports can reach the same heights as PC? What can put it there or stop it?

Coach Aaron: In a few years it’s not impossible. Maintain the competitiveness and fairness in the game to achieve an ultimate gaming experience.


This is one interview in a series VPEsports is doing with all MPL-PH teams. Check out their opinions on MLBB, mobile games, etc., and please stay tuned for more fresh and interesting interviews and stories!:

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