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With the rise of mobile gaming, there’s just a few that seem to be a cut above the rest. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has grown tremendously in popularity and this is largely due to Moonton, the game’s publisher, staying on top of updating the game and providing new and exciting content.

This is no different as they’ve released a new video around their current Fighters on Stormy Sea event. The video titled “The Mysterious Artifact” features some of the game’s characters battling it out on the seas of Northern Vale before a mysterious figure (Atlas) arises from the depths wielding the powerful artifact. If it’s to be heard correctly from Bane, the artifact is known as Aurora Heart.

It’s important to note that the video is marked as a prologue and therefore there should be more to follow. So yes, you should be getting excited.

Some are already hoping that the reworked look of Bane may lead to an in-game rework to make the hero more meta, but at this point, nothing has been confirmed.

The new trailer is certainly hinting at some new content that hands will be able to dig into. Atlas, as the mysterious figure has been named has been introduced and this story of Bane and Franco being in Northern Vale is also new and should lead to some interesting possibilities.

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