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Riot Games has released the official notes of the last update for Legends of Runeterra: Patch 1.13, which brings the last in-game event and some balance updates.

This new Patch will include the already mentioned new event, complete with a new Lab, event pass, cosmetics, and more. Check the presentation that Legends of Runeterra unveiled today:

As you can see in the tweet above, the new event consists of the K/DA world tour. This event comes along with the release of the virtual band’s new single, “More”, and arrives at Runeterra as a limited-time event, that includes exclusive K/DA spells and a set of personally signed card backs.

Check out the Exclusive K/DA Cards!

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New Lab: Star Power

The K/DA event comes alongside a new Lab for the game, that will be available the next two weeks and will have these features:

  • During week one, choose one of 5 preconstructed decks, each centered on one of the new K/DA spell cards. Each deck comes with a unique “always-on” passive ability that complements the featured spell.
  • During week two, constructed unlocks. You’ll be able to choose from those preconstructed lineups or bring your own playlist. Pair any of the passive abilities you want with the perfect deck to make it really sing

Don’t lose time and play now! By winning games and completing quests you will be able to earn Hearts and unlock exclusive K/DA ALL OUT rewards like the following:


Event Rewards & Event Pass

From now, you can find in the store the K/DA ALL OUT Event Pass for 975 Coins, which will grant you access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards.

If you do that, you will immediately unlock the new Stella Guardian, but you must play games to earn the rest of the rewards:


Card Updates:

The intention of the developers with this Patch 1.13 is to implement a Lee Sin change they have been working on, along with a nerf to Make it Rain aimed at Bilgewater’s general strength.

According to the official notes, the upcoming Patch 1.14 will be one of the larger mid-expansion balance updates, and its changes “will focus mostly on small improvements to several Foundations set Champions, as well as some nerfs aimed at ensuring metagame health in the lead up to the first Seasonal Tournament in December”.

That is why we find this small list of card updates:

Lee Sin (level 1): The mana cost increases from 4 to 5. Health increases from 4 to 5.

Lee Sin (level 2): The mana cost increases from 4 to 5. Health increases from 5 to 6.

Make it Rain / Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain: its mana cost increases from 2 to 3.


In this meta with Dragons being so strong and Mending Touch debuting so very weak, Riot powers up the Bilgewater side of the archetype by giving it “more ways to induce damage on our own units, removing many of the cards that were performing poorly across both regions, and increasing the chance we will see the archetype repeatedly while drafting it”.

With that being said, Monuments of Power archetypes will have their bonus decreased to half as much as before (this bonus will be removed completely with Patch 1.14.

Collective Support:

  • Added: Zenith Blade.
  • Removed: Crystal Ibex, Sneaky Zeebles, Wish.

Mending Touch:

  • Wild Pick Bonus Chance increased to High from Medium.
  • Added: Abyssal Eye, Crusty Codger, Hired Gun, Razorscale Hunter.
  • Removed: Monkey Idol, Pool Shark, Shards of the Mountain, Slotbot, Sunk Cost, Tyari the Traveler.

Spell Slingers:

  • Added: Scrapshot.
  • Removed: Shakedown, Sunk Cost.

To complete this patch, we have a list of Miscellaneous and Bugfixes that you can check here.

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