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The time has finally come, and from now, we will be able to enjoy Viktor in Legends of Runeterra. The Champion joins the Piltover and Zaun roster alongside a new Keyword, Augment, and two collectible cards.

Riot Games announced this upcoming news a few hours ago through the LoR official Twitter account:

As you can see, Viktor will be a four-mana cost champion unit with 2|4 in power and health and the new keyword: Augment, which grants your units a permanent +1/+0 buff after you play a card that was created.

Also, he creates a Hex Core Upgrade in hand when the round starts, a fleeting one mana cost slow spell that grants him a random keyword.

To level up Viktor, you must have played eight or more cards in total. Once leveled, the champion keeps being a four mana cost unit with 3|5 in power and health and the new keyword, Augment. This form also holds the Round Start ability, with the particularity that your created cards will cost 1 less.

Death Ray MK spells are three different fast spells that will be very useful to inflict damage to the enemies and remove some of their cards. As you can see in the picture above, the amount of damage (and the mana cost of the spell) will depend on how upgraded the spells are shuffled into our decks.

Nevertheless, each card has a different feature: MK 1 only deals one damage but also creates its upgraded version, Death Ray MK 2, in the top 3 cards of our deck alongside Viktor. Once you use the spell again, you will deal two damage and create the final version of the spell, Death Ray MK 3, which is nothing more than a fast spell that deals three damage.

Finally, we have Iterative Improvements, the last of the new cards, which is a two-mana cost Burst spell that you can use to pick a follower and create a copy of it with +1|+1 in stats!

Viktor will be available in the Legends of Runeterra champion roster when the Cosmic Creation expansion is released on the upcoming December 16th:

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