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This week, Riot Games started revealing some of the cards, champions, and spells that Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain expansion will bring next August 26th.

This expansion will focus on a new region for the game, Targon, and with that, seven new champions will be released together with 82 more cards.

The first announcements we had about new stuff coming with Call of the Mountain were those about a new keyword, Spellshield, three new cards called Tyari the Traveler, Mountain Sojourners, and Arbiter of the Peak, and a new Burst spell called Bastion.

It was just a matter of time for the first new Champion to be revealed, and it couldn’t be other than Taric.

Following the support mechanics, Taric arrives in a four-mana-cost card with 2/4 stats. His “Support” ability will grant him and a supported ally “Tough” for one round, while also casting a copy of the last spell cast on him onto the supported ally.

Taric will level up when he sees us targeting or supporting allies more than seven times. His leveled form will also be a four-mana-cost card with 3/5 stats. The “Support” ability upgrades and grants him and his supported ally the ability to be immune to damage and not die for the rest of the current round. It will also copy the last spell cast on him onto the ally in the same round.

But Taric didn’t come alone, a new spell was announced together with the Champion and, right after his release, Riot Games revealed some new cards coming with Call of the Mountain expansion:


As we can see in the picture above, three new Gem-focused followers will join the Targon roster, together with three spells:

Gem: a one-mana-cost Burst spell that heals an ally and grants it +1|+0 in stats, but cannot be cast in combat or in response to a spell.

Gift giver: a one-mana-cost follower unit with 1/2 stats that creates a Gem in hand when she’s summoned.

Mountain Goat: a two-mana-cost follower unit with 3/1 stats that creates a Gem in hand when it successfully Strikes.

Mentor of the Stones: a three-mana-cost follower unit with 1/1 stats and the “Support” ability that grants its supported ally +2|+2 in stats permanently. It also has the “Last Breath” ability, which creates three Gems in hand.

Shards of the Mountain: a four-mana-cost “Slow” spell that fills our entire hand with Gems.

Blessing of Targon: is first revealed spell that Taric can cast onto his allies, a Burst spell that permanently grants an ally +3|+3 stats.

All these cards and spells will be available with the Call of the Mountain official release next August 26th, but in the meantime Riot Games will slowly reveal more surprises.

Since six new champions are still to be announced, the next Champion spoiler for Legends of Runeterra could be the arrival of Leona and Diana. We can confirm that these two Champions will soon be available in our servers thanks to this new cinematic that Riot Games published last Tuesday:

After Leona and Diana being confirmed for Legends of Runeterra, new announcements or cinematics could be released in the next few days. There are some other Champions coming from the Targon region that could fit in this new expansion, like Aurelion Sol or Zoe.

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