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Legends of Runeterra players in Singapore can already download and play the mobile version of the game. The game appeared on the Google Play and App Store this Wednesday, giving a more direct answer on when Runeterra is coming to mobile devices.

There’s no doubt the game looks slick on mobile, with a very clear interface, the only major difference being that your hand of cards is positioned in the bottom right corner instead of middle-center, where they can obstruct the board.

The mobile release is so soon in open beta is also a power move by Riot Games, who need to do more decisive actions if they want to challenge a larger share of the CCG market pie. Runeterra has been struggling with its viewership count, which has dropped to under 4K average daily viewers in the last days, per

While Riot have not release information about the player base, this is not a good sign for the game. Magic: The Gathering already has a higher average viewership than Runeterra and enjoying decent spikes during tournaments. Hearthstone’s popularity, while also declining, has maintained a steady 20-30K daily average, and Blizzard have also been teasing a massive announcement next week, rumored to be completely game-changing.

By the looks of it, if Runeterra is to have a brighter future than being a bridesmaid to its more successful friends, Riot will need to take action and do sustained promotion, drawing back the interest the game enjoyed on its first days of open beta.

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