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After a month of showing new cards for the already existing regions, Riot Games finally showed the seventh, new one that will come with the game’s official release. Welcome the pirate heaven of Bilgewater.

Neither the short teaser, nor the next tweets from Runeterra show which will be the Bilgewater champions, but there are couple of iconic ones that would make sense. As it stands, each of the other regions has five champions each (including the new ones added with the expansion) so we should be looking at the five most popular ones in Bilgewater.

It’d be surprising to not have the trio of Gangplank, Graves, and Miss Fortune not in the game, especially with MF being featured in the teaser video. Nautilus, Tahm Kench, and Twisted Fate are also among the most recognized faces from Bilgewater.

That said, what we do know is that Bilgewater will bring in a new keyword: Plunder. Plunder triggers when a unit is played if you’ve damaged the enemy nexus this round. Expect Plunder decks to have some direct damage tools, or go wide on the board.

Below we see some more cards with Plunder, including some from other regions, like Freljord.

The new cards for Legends of Runeterra will arrive April 28, ahead of the official launch on April 30.

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