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Riot Games presents: Aphelios Champion Expansion Card Gallery

As scheduled, with the beginning of February we have reached the second stop on the Roadmap that Riot Games announced

Legends of Runeterra's Aphelios expansion comes this February 3rd

At the beginning of the year, when Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.0 was released, Riot Games announced a Roadmap for

7 new cards have been unveiled for the LoR 'Cosmic Creation' Expansion

The reveal season for Legends of Runeterra's 'Cosmic Creation' is still underway and Riot Games continues to show us the

LoR Cosmic Creation Expansion brings 6 new cards from Freljord, Ionia, and Bilgewater

Riot Games keeps working on the upcoming 'Cosmic Creation' Expansion, which will hit the live servers next week on December

Viktor will be on the LoR Champion roster with the Cosmic Creation Expansion

The time has finally come, and from now, we will be able to enjoy Viktor in Legends of Runeterra. The

These are the Top Participants of the 'Monuments of Power Tournament'

The time has finally come! One of the most awaited features of Legends of Runeterra is now running for the

LoR Patch 1.15 Full Notes: new Lab, Round Timer Update, and more

A new version of Legends of Runeterra hits the live servers with a new Champion-centric Lab, an update to round

LoR Patch 1.14 full notes: New Lab, Friend Spectate debut, and more

Two weeks have passed since the last version of Legends of Runeterra arrived at our servers, which means that it

Runeterra Patch 1.13 notes: the 'K/DA ALL OUT' Event has arrived

Riot Games has released the official notes of the last update for Legends of Runeterra: Patch 1.13, which brings the

LoR Seasonal Tournaments begin the upcoming December 6th

This week we have welcomed the last version of Legends of Runeterra. Patch 1.12 notes revealed a new expansion, Monuments

Runeterra Patch 1.12 full Notes: Monuments of Power expansion

A new update arrives at Legends of Runeterra with Patch 1.12, and the Call of the Mountain set grows bigger