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The group draw for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship sparked — as it always does — both some lively debates on Twitter and some raw banter. Players, teams, and analysts came to Twitter to express their hot takes on the group draw, and many of that is straight fire!

The group of death: RNG, Fnatic, SKT

Group C is by far the most contested one at Worlds, with Fnatic, Royal Never Give Up, and SK Telecom all in the same pool, with Clutch Gaming being a likely candidate to join them from the Play-Ins. So, which teams will actually go through? Obviously, opinions vary, but many skew the group in RNG’s favor.

But just like last Worlds, Fnatic’s head coach is confident that this group won’t be the end for his team, and other members of the community are on the same opinion, too. Others, like LocoDoco, draw attention to SKT and put them as one of the favorites to exit the group and go far at Worlds.

G2 Esports’ “free” group

G2’s social media game has been on point for some time now and they took the group stage draw as a good opportunity to spit some more straight fire. G2 are in a group with Griffin and Cloud9, and the “samurai” don’t seem scared at all.

Together with Fnatic’s group, several community members put a lot of confidence in the LEC as a whole.

And finally: shots fired at TSM

One team that is not having fun is Team SoloMid, who will be watching yet another Worlds from the sidelines. The upside of it all? They managed to avoid all the difficult match-ups at the tournament…

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