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One of the main problems of some formats used by many professional leagues to distribute and manage their competitions throughout the year is that these competitions not always have the importance or weigh enough compared with the others.

The North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has been having this problem for a long time, but this year 2020 they did a drastic change.

The consequence of that change was that the Spring Split was absolutely worthless, it was played for nothing. Riot Games removed both Championship Points and the Regional Qualifier from the circuit, which meant that the Summer Split would be the only way to qualify for the World Championship, being the three seeds of the region decided through the Summer Playoffs.

Playoffs Format and Worlds Qualifications – Riot Games

As the LCS fans were only having one important championship in the 2020 circuit, the situation didn’t please anyone, the players distracted, and many urged the organization to act on it especially knowing that with this format, any team could qualify for Worlds if they had a good second round of the Summer Split, while other teams could deserve it more.

That is why, according to the North American esports journalist Travis Gafford, this will change for 2012.

In this video, the journalist explains the situation and reveals that, despite there are no definitive plans, Riot Games is planning to completely remove the Spring Split, with the intention of having a single competition in the year, a larger league that lasts the whole season, which would also mean the elimination of the Summer Split.

This long season will have more series between the participant teams, around five, and there could be a Pre-Season Tournament too.

The main problem of this format would be the election of the LCS representative for the Mid Season Invitational, a thing very easy to decide with the old format, where the champion of the Spring Split was the chosen one.

Apparently, the teams would play a little tournament to solve that problem.

At the end of the league, a Playoff stage would follow, but there is no news about how the teams would qualify for Worlds.

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