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As promised, Teamfight Tactics, the auto chess mod developed by Riot Games, is coming to League of Legends clients worldwide with Patch 9.13. The release will roll out across the different regions over the course of four days, from June 25 (for Oceania and Japan) to June 28 (for Brazil and rest of Latin America).

Europe and North America are expected to get the mod today, Wednesday, June 26. Below is the full roll-out schedule for all regions.

Tuesday (6/25)
Note: There’ll be a Level 10 requirement for TFT on the first day and game starts will be throttled.
  • OCE
  • JP
Wednesday (6/26)
  • NA (am)
  • TR
  • RU
Thursday (6/27)
  • TH
  • PH
  • SG
  • KR
  • VN
  • TW
Friday (6/28)
  • BR
  • LAN
  • LAS

Some elements of Teamfight Tactics will be locked upon launch, however. Riot Games says that “missions and client hub will be enabled one week after the mode is released” for a number of regions, including NA, EU, KR, VN, LAN, and LAS. During this first week, players won’t be able to make progress towards their beta pass.

The launch is expected to bring a huge influx of players and viewers to Teamfight Tactics. The game is already the most popular autobattler on Twitch, bringing in well over 80,000 viewers on average each day. Although the numbers have dipped a bit since day 1 of beta, TFT still peaked above 150,000 viewers this Monday.

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