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Photo by: Riot Games

Pundits were calling Suning the super team when LPL began. Two weeks in, it makes more and more sense. While the team doesn’t have the stardom of Invictus Gaming or Royal Never Give Up, the amount of talent on it is massive. Not only does Suning boast LMS veterans SwordArt and Maple, but have a beast in XiaoAL on top too.

Midway through week 2, Suning went out to play World Elite, one of the struggling teams in the league. Two games later, they shoved them on the very bottom of the rankings.

Both games showed glaring problems in World Elite’s early game. The team kept picking strong lanes like Lucian/Braum and Lucian/Morgana but kept failing to make use of them. Part of that was also the questionable plays by jungler Zhou “Magic” Jun-Xuan who was not at all in sync with his bot lane for some reason.

WE were so outclassed by Suning that their two games leave little to write home about. Maple’s five had a stranglehold on every objective imaginable, ending game 1 with nine towers to zero and 10-to-1 in game 2. Short of one good engagement by Su “xiye” Han-Wei’s Lissandra in game 2 that gave brief hope to his team, World Elite could do literally nothing to Suning. Whether it was Renekton or Urgot, XiaoAL was a flawless WE could never answer.

This is World Elite’s fourth game loss in a row and the team is yet to score a victory against anyone. The only reason they’re not the last team in LPL is that Rogue Warriors have played — and lost — one match more. WE’s prospects aren’t looking good, though, as they are playing EDward Gaming next and if their current form is any indication, another 0-2 loss is on the horizon.


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