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Today’s mailbag question comes from @jerckysminion.


A: I’m basically a plebeian in League of Legends, so I’m going to explain my reasoning purely based on what I’d do as a GM with no knowledge. When I look at any team, I think about what makes the core of the lineup. A group of players that define the strength and style of the team. When I look at G2, I think the three players that do that are Wunder, Jankos, and Perkz. So among the five players, I think those are the three I’d try to keep so that I have an identity from which to build from going forward.


From there we have to consider what the aims of the franchise are. For now, my assumption is that they want to be the best team in EU LCS and have a chance to win worlds. So when considering a roster change, these are the basic models when considering a roster change:


  1. Is there an upgrade that will put me in contention for #1 right now?
  2. Is there an obvious 1 for 1 upgrade that I can get done today that has a high upside and low risk.
  3. Is there an obvious stylistic gap in my team (in terms of player role or strategy) that can be filled?
  4. What are the financial costs of doing this and is it worth the investment amount for the amount of years I’m getting back?


If I’m G2 and I’m keeping Wunder, Jankos, and Perkz, then I look to the bot lane. What kind of bottom lane are we looking for? Is there an upgrade in the bottom lane in the world that gets me to #1 tomorrow? The only choices I can think of (with my limited knowledge) is Gorilla/Pray or Hylissang/Rekkles, but look at the likely opportunity cost. Even if I was rich enough to get them, chances are that they will not become franchise players. I’m going to assume Hylissang/Rekkles cannot be bought as they just got to a Worlds final.


Given that, I’d follow the typical process of the most successful EU teams. I don’t try to be the best now, I try to be the best come Summer Split going into Worlds. If you look at Fnatic, the reason they’re at the top right now is because they stole a march on the rest of the field by identifying and picking up rookie talent in Bwipo, Broxah, and Caps. That’s generally been the M.O. of not only the most successful EU orgs, but also the more successful Chinese and Korean teams as well. This logic also generally works for other games as well.


So I think G2 should get rookie talent that have the potential to become good players. I’d probably get four of them. Two in the bottom lane and two more as subs. Essentially I think the roster season comes down to two choices for G2.


  1. I can get known quantities that will makes me X level better, but likely won’t let me overtake Fnatic as #1 in Europe or get me a top Worlds finish.
  2. Do I build a solid top 3-5 team now, but one that has the potential to be #1 in an year from now?


I think the second is the better choice, especially as League of Legends has the most burnout of any competitive game in esports. So that’s what I’d do.

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