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According to sources across the league, Jungler Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek has finalized a deal with Rogue to play in the League of Legends Europe Championship (LEC) for an undisclosed amount. Contract details were unavailable.

Kikis truly began his career with Unicorns of Love in 2014, debuting at IEM San Jose with a 2-0 victory over TSM. He pulled out a pocket Twisted Fate jungle pick and earned the reputation of being a quirky jungler from the get-go. He was with them in the EU LCS for some time, but soon moved to G2 where he jungled before role-swapping to become the team’s top laner. Unfortunately, G2 struggled to compete internationally when he was on the roster.

He then played top lane for both Fnatic and Mysterious Monkeys, but failed to have much success with either team, getting relegated with the latter. Kikis did not compete in the EU LCS Spring split to follow, but came back in Summer as a jungler for Vitality, playing a vital role in the team’s success, promoting a skirmish heavy playstyle that played a significant role in the team’s success at Worlds.

*Xander Torres contributed to this report.

Photo: Riot Games

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