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Lately, we have had some leaks about new Champions coming soon to Riot Games’ most successful game: League of Legends. The latest rumors have been talking about Seraphine, and some people have forgotten that there was another Champion leaked (and supposed) to be the 151st character of the MOBA: Samira.

One month ago, after many leaks and rumors, Samira was confirmed on the PBE, when the Patch 10.17 cycle archives revealed her “Psy-Ops” skin, but nobody expected her to arrive anytime soon… until today.

Early this morning we have known that Samira, the Desert Rose, is set to be released with the upcoming Patch 10.19. The new AD Carry has appeared on PBE, and we finally know all the details of her abilities and stats.

Samira has a base Attack Damage of 59, and an attack range of 500, and these are her abilities, created to make her “a new marksman” able to perform skilled combos:

Passive – Daredevil Impulse

Samira builds a combo by hitting Attacks or abilities unique from the previous hit. Each one increases her Style, from “E” to “S” grade (6 total). Samira gains X% Movement Speed per grade.

Samira’s attacks in melee range deal an additional X magic damage increased up to X based on the target’s missing Health.

Samira’s Attacks against enemies affected by Immobilizing effects Knock Up for 0.5 seconds and deal damage over 6 separate attacks. Samira dashes into range against targets slightly outside her Attack range.

Q – Flair

Samira fires a shot, dealing X physical damage to the first enemy hit.

If this ability is cast towards an enemy in melee range, Samira will instead slash with her sword, dealing X physical damage.

Either hit can critically strike for 25% bonus damage.

If cast during Wild Rush, Samira will strike all enemies in her path upon completion.

Damage: 0/5/10/15/20 || Cooldown: 5.7/4.75/3.8/2.85/1.9 || Mana cost: 30

W – Blade Whirl

Samira slashes around her for 1 second, damaging enemies twice for X physical damage each and destroying any enemy missiles that enter the area.

Damage: 20/35/50/65/80 || Cooldown: 28.5/26.6/24.7/22.8/20.9 || Mana cost: 60

E – Wild Rush

Samira dashes through an enemy or ally, slashing enemies she passes through and gaining Attack Speed. Killing an enemy champion refreshes this ability’s cooldown.

Damage: 50/60/70/80/90 || Cooldown: 14.75/13.3/12.35/11.4/10.45 || Attack Speed: 30%/35%/40%/45%/50% || Mana cost: 40

R – Inferno Trigger

Samira can only use this ability if her current Style rating is S.

Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, wildly shooting all enemies surrounding her 10 times over 2 seconds, each shot dealing X physical damage and applying lifesteal. Each shot can also critically strike.

Damage: 10/20/30 + (0.6 AD) || Mana cost: 100/50/0

But Samira hasn’t been the only new thing revealed today. Psy-Ops skins set has also been unveiled. A set of skins for five Champions: Kayle, Pyke, Zed, Viktor, and Samira.

Take a look to Psy-Ops Samira, the first skin for the Desert Rose, it looks dope!

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