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Last week, many rumors about a new AD Carry coming soon to League of Legends started running through the community due to some archives for new “Easter Eggs” discovered in the Patch 10.16 cycle while it was being developed on PBE that refer to someone called Samira.

Plus, a new Emote was revealed by the website that first leaked Samira, consisting of a rose with a big ‘S’.

These leaks, together with the June 2020 Champions Roadmap from Riot Games, where a new AD Carry was initially teased, seemed to be enough to confirm that Samira will be a reality in the near future.

LoL: Samira es filtrada por la streamer brasileña que habló de Yone y Lillia

But now, Streamiebr, the Brazilian streamer that previously leaked the newest Champions from League of Legends, Lillia and Yone, has leaked more information about Samira that makes us think that she might be on PBE sooner than we expected.

Before the new leaks provided by Streamiebr, we already had some information about Samira. As we mentioned before, the new Champ will be an AD Carry, “a new marksman, dressed to slay”, that belongs to the region of Noxus.

The Brazilian streamer claims to have seen both Samira’s abilities and her design and artworks, and they are “jaw-dropping”. According to her, Samira won’t be this week on PBE, but in a couple of them, probably with Patch 10.18 cycle.

Streamiebr has even contradicted the information about Samira’s origin place. Apparently, she wouldn’t belong to Noxus, but to Shurima, and her appearance would look like the draws below:

League of Legends

According to the leaker, Samira would have two hand weapons, a pistol and a dagger, that can be alternated during combat; and for her ultimate, she could use a machine gun.

The gameplay with the two hand weapons would be very easy, and the ultimate is supposed to be a mix between Urgot, Nunu, and Katarina’s ultimate: she will throw knives and bullets everywhere within an area, increasing its power with a “blooming rose effect” depending on how many enemies she hits or kills.

Streamiebr claims that Samira will become a very popular Champion, easy and funny to play, very strong, and a great skins seller.

That is all we have about the 151st League of Legends Champion for now, but the Brazilian streamer brought some other leaks, like the return of the Star Guardian skin line or a new skin line called Psy-Ops that should appear this week on PBE, a legendary skin for Sona, and some skins that “the gay community will love”.

Nuevos iconos. Surrenderat20. - League of Legends

And a very important leak provided by her is the name of the next League of Legends Champion after Samira: a new magic Champ based on the music called Seraphine.

We will have to wait for more leaks to be revealed and for all these to be confirmed.

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