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Last Monday, the Brazilian streamer who had previously leaked many details about the newest Champions for League of Legends, Lillia and Yone, and also about the Spirit Blossom event, provided new information about the incoming surprises, especially about a new AD Carry that might reach the live servers soon: Samira.

League of Legends
‘StreamieBR’ leaks about Samira’s design

Also, since last week, the League of Legends fans are aware that this new Champion could become a reality in the next few weeks, thanks to the Emote and the archives for new “Easter Eggs” discovered in the Patch 10.16 cycle while it was being developed on PBE.

After these two different waves of leaks, it seems like we finally have Samira confirmed on PBE.

With the next Patch 10.17 cycle already being developed on the tests server, new skins have seen the daylight, and among them, we can find the new Psy-Ops skin set (also leaked by the Brazilian streamer last Monday), a set of skins that refer to some Champs with psychical powers.

Apparently, one of the Champs that will receive a Psy-Ops skin is Sona, being it her new legendary skin, and this Psy-Ops Sona would have special interactions with another Champ’s Psy-Ops’ skin… exactly, Samira.

Skin Spotlights. - League of Legends
Skin Spotlights Leak

In the picture above, provided by Skin Spotlights, we can appreciate this special interaction in the archives of the Patch 10.17, under the name of “SamiraSkin01”.

It means that Samira is real, confirmed, and also reveals that her first skin will be a ‘Psy-Ops’ skin.

Apart from that, Skin Spotlights have also leaked more archives that reveal some other Champs receiving a ‘Psy-Ops’ skin: Zed, Kayle, Pyke, and Viktor.

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