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Look around Twitch. Chances are Fortnite is the most streamed game right now. If not, maybe Islands of Nyne, the latest Battle Royale game to enter the fold. The point is, Battle Royale games are all the rage and everyone wants a piece of it.

Maybe everyone except for Riot Games.

In the latest Ask Riot, Ghostcrawler, the Design Director for League of Legends, discussed the possibility of League of Legends ever adding a Battle Royale mode. “I think to make a game in 2018, you are supposed to have some kind of Battle Royale mode,” said Ghostcrawler. “Seriously, though, we had a really hard time even getting Hexakill to work. I’m not sure if we could get 100 or more champions in the game without a ton of engineering effort. We’d want to be pretty confident that level of investment would lead to something really fun.”

Does this mean that a Battle Royale game mode is doomed in the world of League of Legends? Not exactly. Ghostcrawler thinks that there are some transferable qualities from Battle Royale games that can apply to League of Legends. “There are some really cool things that Battle Royale does that we’d love to be able to bring to League. For example, the expectation that you probably won’t win—you’ll probably lose—is a really nice element,” said Ghostcrawler. It’s true, you enter the game with a 50-50 chance of winning or losing in League of Legends. You know, unless you have a toxic team in champ select and you already know the game is going to be thrown… “We’d love if there was a game mode where you’re there to kind of do crazy things and see how far you can get, versus just crush the enemy team, but whatever form that takes probably can’t be a Battle Royale.”

While it doesn’t seem like Battle Royale is on the horizon for League, perhaps the aforementioned idea could come to life. Imagine a game mode where you get to spawn into wherever you like and you have to run mini-competitions. Say, race to 100 CS and then deal the most damage to Baron or something. Or, maybe, one day a first person mode. Whatever Riot decides to do, if anything, it’s good to know that the game developers are keeping a close eye on the evolving gaming scene around them and are at least open to discussing the wild, yet still possible scenarios regarding Battle Royales.

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