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For years, the plural in Riot Games’ name has been a running joke within the gaming community, given how the company only ever made one product: League of Legends. This is about to change in the future, though, as Riot are in the search for new people to work on yet unannounced title.

The news comes from Riot senior narrative designer Katie Chironis, who posted a handful of employment opportunities for a “cool game” that is “not League”. The positions listed include Senior VFX Artist, Senior Lightning Artist, and Lead Concept Artist.

The positions further hint, that there’s more than one project in development, using language such as “one of the new AAA-games” and “creating and improving worlds for Riot’s brand new AAA titles”.

What these AAA-games will be is all speculative so far. Fans of League of Legends have hoped for an MMO game set in the game’s universe so it can expand on the lore and allow players to visit places like Demacia or Piltover, ones they’ve only read about or seen on concept art. With the rise of the battle royale, and with the dozens of streaming personalities involved with Riot Games’ so-far-only-child, it wouldn’t be out of the question for the company to pursue something in that genre too.

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