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Today, Riot Games announced that it would be testing out its new viewer reward system for the League of Legends World Championship. This is Riot’s first attempt at launching viewer rewards of any kind, following the successful implementations of awards in esports such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch.

Considering the success of drops in CS:GO and Overwatch League tokens in Overwatch, this is a huge step for Riot Games in the space. They had this to say about the Watch missions and its future in their official press release:

“We wanted to deliver our first take on a system for Worlds as an opportunity to drive some hype for the event and learn a lot about what players like and don’t like.  We’ll take this into heavy consideration as we expand and keep building for the future. Later on we hope to add several more mission trees, exclusive rewards, and support for viewers who are watching outside of”

“Watch missions,” as Riot has dubbed them, will begin on September 30th and run until November 10th. Players will have to watch Twitch and Youtube embedded streams on lolesports in order to earn loot tokens. 10 minutes or more of watch time is required to earn loot tokens — whether its via livestream or post-game VODs.

In addition, there is a reward hub where players can track their Watch Mission progress. The tokens earned can be used to unlock emotes, chromas, icons, borders, and etc. in the Worlds Loot Shop during the League of Legends World Championship.


Photo: (Riot Games, Lolesports)

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