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Riot Games is testing new adjustments to Rakan’s ultimate on the test server in order to change his playstyle, hopefully for the better. Riot game designer Blake Smith wrote on Twitter that during The Quickness, Rakan will not be able to use certain abilities.

This essentially forbids players from casting Rakan’s signature combo of ult plus Grand Entrance. The combo has been Rakan’s main engagement tool and what made him so very powerful during his best patch days. Cast with precision, it delivered both a powerful crowd control on the enemy team and a massive speed increase for the upcoming team fight.

But if that’s such a core part to the champion, why is Riot making changes. According to Smith, the goal is to “give power elsewhere” and this elsewhere seems to be the ultimate itself. The idea is to buff his R significantly, doubling the base movement speed and the MS bonus he gets on colliding with an enemy champion. The buff will also refresh when Rakan hits the same champion, i.e. it hits won’t be limited to just one champion. This will make Rakan way more mobile during the ultimate’s duration and Smith says he’s “had skeptical Rakan players change their mind after testing it so far”.

This will make Rakan essentially a Q bot during R’s duration, where his Quills enemies and then sprints around the battlefield, healing allies. Without the possibility to shield with his E or apply crowd control with W for 3 seconds, it’s understandable why people are so skeptical.

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