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Team SoloMid bot laner Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen said on his personal Twitter that he’s been “a free agent for about a month” as he’s exploring his options for the 2020 split. According to Zven, he’s in talks with both LEC and LCS teams, including TSM, for whom he’s played for the past two years.

“My contract with TSM is still active but they told me before I went home that I’m free to talk to any team and that they will give any team permission to talk to me which I really appreciate. […] I’ll let you know more about that soon, I think the reveal will come as a surprise to many and I’m excited for the future.”

Rumors about Zven leaving TSM have been circulating for some time now, following the disastrous year the team has had in 2019. The Danish bot laner joined SoloMid ahead of the 2018 season, but failed to make it to Worlds in both years so far, or even win a domestic title. The results were somewhat unexpected, as Zven arrived to TSM with his long-time lane partner Alfonso “mithy” Rodriguez, with whom he won three consecutive LEC splits with G2 Esports and even made it to the finals of MSI 2017.

His time at TSM, therefore, came as a stark contrast to his career thus far. In four splits, Zven and TSM made the LCS finals just once, getting reverse-swept by Team Liquid in 2019 Spring. In the Summer, TSM were seeded into the finals of the Regional Gauntlet and were one best-of-5 away from making Worlds before being reverse-swept once again, this time by Clutch Gaming, to miss the championship two years in a row.

That said, Zven looks back at his time with TSM with disappointment.

“When we lost the last match in the gauntlet, getting reverse swept on top of it, I just felt nothing really. I felt like in two full years, I accomplished absolutely nothing.”

Whether Zven will stay in LCS or return to the LEC remains to be seen, although the latter could end up being the better call for the bot laner’s career. Europe has been closing the gap on China and Korea in recent years, making the finals of two consecutive Worlds and even winning MSI. Three of LEC’s teams made the Worlds quarterfinals to zero from the LCS.

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