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Five months ago, we had one of the saddest news of the year for the professional scene of League of Legends: Uzi, the legendary AD Carry, was forced to retire after years of struggling with wrist pains, and after being diagnosed with Type II diabetes due to “chronic stress obesity, irregular diet, staying up late, and other reasons” as the player himself confirmed.

Nevertheless, this retirement was never definitive. The superstar confessed in an interview for Chinese television that his decisions would depend on how could he recover, and how his psychological health goes.

He is only 23 years old, and he still has a debt with the professional League of Legends: to be World Champion.

Despite he is considered the best AD Carry of all times, he has never been able to achieve the greatest of the titles and had to settle for the second position at best.

But there might be light at the end of the tunnel. The Chinese legend has always updated his health and illness development, and in one of his lasts streams, Uzi claimed: “My health is heading in the right direction”

Those were the words chosen by the player when he was asked about finishing his retirement.

As mentioned before, it will firstly depend on his health and recovery, but he is feeling better every day. Nevertheless, there are more factors apart from his health that makes this potential comeback a bit more uncertain.

Uzi talks about his mechanics, but there is no doubt that, doesn’t matter how much practice he lost, there will be tons of teams interested in hiring his services.

Overall, the message that Uzi gave in that stream makes the fans feel very optimistic regarding the AD Carry’s return to the competitive scene.

We will pay attention to any update… fingers crossed!

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