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The North American League of Legends Championship Series is going through bad times. The criticism of its poor quality broadcast and chaotic production of the online stream is, together with the complaints about the low level of the teams and the lack of new talent, the main character of this year.

Maybe that is why Riot Games is trying to compensate the fans with some special events coming up soon, events like the one we are going to witness this week: a classic showmatch between Cloud9 and TSM.

The main idea of this event is to give the fans a special throwback match, that can bring them good memories from good old times, and they can feel as they felt back in 2013 when these teams started to become legends.

To increase our nostalgia, Riot Games is bringing back some iconic players from both teams. We still don’t know names, but they will most probably invite players like Dyrus and Reginald for TSM, and maybe we can see the legendary C9 roster together again, with BalIs, Meteos, Hai, Sneaky and LemonNation.

The purpose of this showmatch, besides reminding us of the good times, is to create some hype for the new LCS week: the special throwback match will be played a day before Cloud9 and TSM face each other with their current rosters in the LCS, where they place first and second respectively.

Will Cloud9 lose their first game in this Summer Split against TSM? Probably, but first, let’s keep an eye on Friday’s Showmatch.

If you want to see this special event, stay tuned next Friday 10th at 5 PM PT in LCS Twitch and Youtube official channels!

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