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The Chinese League of Legends Pro League 2020 Summer Finals took place today, with JD Gaming and Top Esports facing each other for the second time in the LPL Finals this year.

In the Spring Finals, JD Gaming won the series 3-2, and the time had come for Top Esports to get their revenge. Here we will summarize what happened in a series that could not count on the heat of the public, due to the pandemic times we are living through

Game 1:

The first game of the series couldn’t start better: in the beginning, JDG tried a late-invade and a crazy fight started around the Raptors. At first, it seemed like JDG got the advantage and could steal TES’s red buff, but suddenly Karsa turned back and managed to smite it. Right after that, a second fight started and ended with seven kills! Three of them were for TES, and four counted for JDG, who took a slight lead in the game.

The next few minutes were quieter until started ganking the lanes giving action to the game. This action also caused a very bloody game.

TES got the first drake and JDG the first Herald, with which they got the first turret. It was pretty clear that this fight between junglers was going to be a win condition for both teams.

The second drake was for JDG, and the team increased their gold advantage with a second turret and the third drake in the next few minutes.

At minute 23, JDG started the Baron Nashor, but TES managed to avoid it, starting a team fight that made JDG run away. After killing four enemies, TES started the Nashor and managed to take it in the middle of a new chaotic fight.

With the buff, TES started pushing the mid lane, and brought that pressure to the sidelines too, until a new teamfight started in the bot-side jungle, where Karsa shined (he was 9/2/7 on Nidalee), and his team opened the enemy base and destroyed the first inhibitor.

After taking their second drake (fourth drake of the game), TES rotated to Nashor again, but quickly had to cancel it to fight JDG, who were rotating to the mid lane. This movement was the right one: TES killed four enemies, and went back to the mid lane, pushed it, and destroyed everything ahead of them, winning the first game of the series (1-0).

Game 2:

The second game didn’t have the same exciting beginning, and both teams kept the distance and performed an early game without much action.

The first blood was for JDG, after a gank of Kanavi in the top lane, who was playing Nidalee, and almost get a second kill two minutes later, when he tried to gank the bot lane.

In this junglers duel, Karsa took the first drake for his team, and also got the first Herald, while Kanavi ganked the bot lane again and took his second kill.

After dropping the Herald in the bot lane, a 3v3 fight started and TES took the advantage in the kills score (2-3) and got the first turret of the game, taking the lead in the gold score too.

Both teams disputed the second drake, that ended in the hands of JDG, and TES immediately took their revenge, rotating to the bot lane again and taking two more kills. From that moment, TES completely dominated the map, and took three more towers in a very short time, while JDG struggled to get just one.

When JDG took their second drake (third drake of the game), Zoom‘s Camille had already opened the enemy base through a split push in the top lane. It seemed like TES had an easy win, but right when minute 20 came, JDG fought and won around the Baron Nashor, and managed to take the buff, just losing two of their players.

JDG tried to take revenge again in the bot lane, but JDG grouped and killed four of their enemies, coming back in the game and putting the kills score 9-10. Right after that, they got their third drake (fourth drake of the game) and, with another kill, made the gold score completely even.

The second Baron Nashor appeared, and both teams started playing around it, but JDG carefully rotated to the drake pit, and got the Ocean Soul, while being haunted by the enemy team.

TES could kill 3 enemies, and quickly rotated to Nashor, and finally got the buff. With it, they pressed all the lanes back and destroyed two inhibitors. A couple of minutes later, a chaotic fight took place near the Dragon pit, and JDG got an Ace and thus the Ancient Dragon, followed by a new Baron Nashor.

With both buffs, the team grouped in the mid lane and quickly destroyed all the structures and enemies ahead, until they took down the nexus and won the second game (1-1).

Game 3:

The start of this game was quite similar to the first one, with a late invade from JDG to steal the red buff, but this time the chaotic fight was delayed a little bit, and ended with “only” four kills. JDG took the advantage, 1-3 in the kills score and 1k gold ahead only after 3 minutes of match.

But the chaos did not end there. Within the next minutes, TES got two kills in different places that put their gold score even, and the game kept being bloody minute after minute.

Karsa took the Herald for TES, and Kanavi granted the first drake for JDG, and the game slowed down a bit.

TES took the first turret in the bot lane, and JDG responded in top, where 369 was having a rough time (he was ganked two times in a row). TES also took the second drake, and the second Herald.

Right in the minute 20, there was a teamfight in the midlane where three players from JDG died. TES quickly got the Baron Nashor, while JDG responded with their second drake (third of the game). With it, TES had an advantage of 3k gold.

TES got the fourth drake of the game, and increased their gold advantage and both the turrets and the kills scores. With this difference, they started Baron Nashor, but was a bait. JDG quickly joined them and both teams were forced back.

Kanavi was again baited and this time, died. TES started Nashor again, but turned back and killed another enemy, so they could do the objective without big troubles.

Once with the Baron buff, the team regrouped and, after killing two opponents, pushed the botlane until they destroyed JDG first inhibitor. Then, they went back, but JDG followed them, and another crazy fight started. The result of this fight was 5-3 for JDG and a third dragon for them, with which they prolonged the game a bit more.

TES regrouped again in the midlane and started a new fight, finally succeeding, and right after that pushed the mid lane and destroyed JDG’s nexus, winning the third game of the series (2-1).

Game 4:

In this game, we had to wait more than six minutes to have the first blood, that came when Kanavi ganked the toplane and, together with Zoom, killed a helpless 369.

In a new exchange of objectives, TES got the Herald in response to the first drake, that fell in JDG’s hands. But this game was not even close to the previous three.

JDG got the second Herald, and this time TES responded with the second drake, but JDG could destroy the first and the second towers in the game, which gave them an advantage in the gold score.

Finally, we could witness new kills, when both teams regrouped in the bot lane and started a teamfight where TES got the advantage, putting the kills score 2-4 in their favor.

After taking their first turret, they took the gold lead back, and so the game continued, until minute 20 came, and both teams faced each other around the dragon pit. JDG performed a nice fight, and after killing two members of TES, got their second drake (third drake of the game).

JDG managed to get some new kills, and quickly rotated to Baron Nashor. With the buff on their hands, they increased their gold advantage and pushed the midlane until they opened the enemy base. TES defended themselves and their base, and JDG had to run away.

TES got their second drake (fourth drake of the game), and managed to reject all the attempts of JDG to reach their base again. Nevertheless, JDG could easily get the second Nashor, and also their third drake.

With this power, they got two inhibitors, and tried one minute later to destroy the third one. TES tryed to fight, but JDG ended up getting an Ace by killing all the enemies, JDG won the fourth map and led us to the final game with a 2-2 score.

Game 5:

The last game of the LPL Summer Finals started with an early first blood for JDG in the botlane, after both bot laners performed a great play to slain the enemy support.

TES got the first drake, but Karsa died one minute later when he was trying to take the red buff from his jungle, so JDG kept their slight gold advantage.

At minute 10, JDG chased TES through the river when they were getting the first Herald, and managed to kill three of their players. After that, TES got their second drake, and some minutes later JDG took the first turret. With that, they increased their gold difference to 4k.

When the third drake appeared, both teams rotated there, and a new team fight started. TES took the objective and got 2 kills, but also 2 of their players died.

JDG took the second Herald, and used it in the 22nd minute, when both teams reunited again in the dragon pit to have another teamfigth. TES got the objective again, and with that, the Cloud Sould, but JDG kept leading all the scores.

From that moment, both teams started playing to prepare the Baron Nashor, but no one dared to start it. TES used this situation to shorten the gold difference, and then, they went to rush the Ancient Drake, when JDG tried to avoid it, but they managed to kill three enemies, take the objective, and get the Nashor too.

With both buffs, they grouped in the mid lane and pushed it until they opened the base, destroyed the first inhibitor and, after a couple of tries, ran away. JDG had managed to stop their base destruction by killing three enemies, and the game lasted a bit longer.

At minute 34, TES started again the Ancient Dragon, and JDG fought to avoid it. It was TES who finally took the objective, killed four enemy players, and won the series, crowning themselves as the kings of the LPL Summer Split.

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