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Invictus Gaming returned home from MSI 2019 with a disappointment. The LPL champions were meant to lift the trophy but instead faced semifinal elimination, an upset loss to Team Liquid.

In the aftermath of the return, iG made their first major roster change in a long time and swapped out support player Wang “Baolan” Liu-Yi for rookie Li-Tan “Lucas” Pan-Ao.

Below is the first press conference of the “new” iG, following their 2-1 win against Dominus Esports.

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To Lucas: Today was your debut in the LPL, how do you feel about your first series? Your opponent picked Lux as support. Drafting-wise, how would you rate this champion’s priority in the current patch?

I didn’t play it well and was simply carried by my other four teammates. As for Lux, she can be a comfortable pick whether in ranked or a professional game, as long as you know how to play her well.

To TheShy: Your Rumble was heavily targeted by the enemy team in the first game. How did you deal with this situation and still manage to pull out the amazing performance in team fights?

Top lane doesn’t really play a game-deciding role in this patch, so I don’t care about dying that much.

To Ning: What was the reason behind your fountain dive in game 3?

I really wanted to kill him but that attempt was denied by his stopwatch. I played a bit too recklessly.

To Lucas: How would you rate your performance and why did you pick Taric in game 1?

I was a bit nervous as it was my first pro match. But now I feel much more relaxed. And I’d give myself a 5 or 6 out of 10. Our opponents picked Nautilus, and I feel Taric would be a good counter pick. Moreover, Taric has bigger teamfight potential compared to Nautilus.

To Rookie: Your guys started the summer split with a victory, how do you feel about the overall form of the team? And what do you make of the newcomer Lucas’ performance?

Since it was our first match in the summer split, we are not in our best shape yet. Also, we haven’t played for a long time, so we are not exactly in our match mode. Maybe it will get better after we play more game. As for our support Lucas, I think he played up to his potential today. And I believe he would perform better in the future after the bonding period.

To Jackeylove: What do you think of the opponent Lux in game 2? How are you bonding with your new support?

Lux played pretty well. I got hit by her spells more often than I should have which made game 2 more difficult for us.

Since I haven’t played with Lucas for a long time, our synergy still needs to be improved. It’s a long term work and I believe it will get better over time.

After starting the season with a win, Invictus Gaming’s next game will be against LNG Esports on Friday, June 7.

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