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Teamfight Tactics is going to stay as a permanent mode in League of Legends, Riot Games confirmed Wednesday. When initially released, the company announced that they will be monitoring TFT’s reception to decide its future, and now that the game is regularly in the top 5 most watched games on Twitch, it makes all the sense for the company to keep it on the roster.

“We’ve been blown away by how much everyone seems to be enjoying the mode, so even though it’s still early, we’ve made the call to make Teamfight Tactics permanent! Moving forward, we’ll continue to support this mode with changes almost every patch and multiple new champion sets (and ranked seasons) each year.”

On top of that, Riot will be adding a brand new Origin, Hextech, and four new champions that will go with it: Jayce, Jinx, Vi, and Camille. The Hextech bonus will disable random enemy items (2 for 2 Hextech champions on the board, and 4 for 4) for the entire duration of the combat.

The stats for the new champions are:


Class: Blademaster
Tier: 1
Ability: Hextech Ultimatum – Camille roots and damages her auto-attack target and her abilities will focus this new target.


Class: Shapeshifter
Tier: 2
Ability: Thundering Blow & Transform Mercury Cannon – Jayce knocks back a target and then changes to ranged, gaining max attack speed for a few initial attacks.


Class: Brawler
Tier: 3
Ability: Assault and Battery – Vi finds the furthest possible enemy and launches at them, knocking aside all in his path. When she reaches the target, it is knocked up and damage is dealt to it.


Class: Gunslinger
Tier: 4
Ability: Get Excited – Jinx gains attack speed after her first elimination and after her second, she begins dealing AoE damage on auto-attacks.

H/T: TheGameHaus

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