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Riot Games’ autobattler mod Teamfight Tactics overtook Fortnite as the most watched game on Twitch for the first time ever. TFT received a major surge in interest with the release of Patch 9.14, which introduced — among many balance changes — a new hero in Twisted Fate and the ranked ladder.

According to Twitch Tracker, TFT’s average viewership grew by 53.2% in the last seven days. A big part of that is the record viewership peak that TFT scored on patch day, which saw it soar to over 364K concurrent peak viewers and an average of 80,000.

TFT is not leading Fortnite by much, however, and the other indicators suggest that the auto chess’ reign on the top might be very short — much like APEX’s was in the first weeks of the game. On average, there are five times more channels streaming Fortnite on any given day and TFT is nowhere near Fortnite’s all-time peak viewers of 1.5M (TFT is at 365K) or peak channels (66.6K to TFT’s 3K).

These numbers mean that the majority of TFT’s viewers come from a small subset of streamers and the popularity of the mod lies on their shoulders. The moment the likes of Hafu, Scarra, or DisguisedToast switch games, TFT will lose a lot of momentum and once again drop below Fortnite and likely even further.

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