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The match between SK Telecom and Griffin was hyped as the series to watch this LCK week, and with good reason. Griffin held an undefeated 10-0 streak. At the same time, while SKT had been getting their form back, the last time they played Griffin they were humiliated.

It was time for a rematch, with all eyes on the Faker/Chovy match-up in the middle.

* * *

Game 1 was a typical LCK playoffs: low on kills, and all about macro. And in it, SKT were in full control. Although Griffin played as pitch perfect as possible in team fights — and would’ve likely won had they been on even terms with SKT — the weight of SKT’s four dragons was too much for the LCK leaders. They’d have to start game 2 down 0-1 for the first time this season.

Faker for breakfast

With big part of SKT still revolving around Faker, Griffin resorted to a simple, but efficient plan: pin him down, and SKT will never get up again.

Irelia’s Chovy got the ball rolling early enough and sprinted to a 40cs lead ahead of Faker, but a collective mistake by Sword and Tarzan up top gave SKT’s mid laner two kills, and the score was tied. Patient and confident after the win in game 1, SKT started getting more and more good teamfights and made strong statement towards winning the entire series.

Until one very misguided baron attempt, that is.

After they denied baron and subsequently took it for themselves, Griffin kept hunting Faker around the map, while avoiding Khan’s MVP-worthy performance on Riven. The game was ultimately decided at minute 38 at the baron pit and a teamfight which proved just how far ahead Griffin were.

Tarzan’s backdoor

There are tense games and there’s this one. A back-and-forth tug of war saw Griffin secure all four early dragons only to lose every important team fight in the game. The one at minute 27 ate away Griffin’s advantage and set up Teddy for a late-game snowball. At the one at 32 was the decisive one — or at least so we all thought.

After winning that last engagement, SKT ran towards Griffin’s base and chewed through everything but the Nexus itself. The desk was calling it already — Griffin’s win streak was finally done.

As SKT retreated at the very Nexus, however, it gave Griffin just enough breathing room. Invisible, Tarzan’s Evelyn stalked the bot lane, ready to be the agent through which Griffin turns around the game. While SKT were busy at Baron, Evelyn snuck in the base, placed a control ward and allowed Sword and Chovy to teleport in. SKT’s own bare Nexus stood no chance. Victory was stolen just underneath Faker and co’s noses.

* * *

With this, Griffin remain undefeated in the LCK still, having lost only two maps in total: one to Damwon Gaming and this one to SKT. Tomorrow, Griffin face SANDBOX, the second best team in the LCK, aiming to extend their record to 12-0.

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