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The post-Lunar New Year days are to be marred with upsets, it seems. First, there was LGD gaming beating Invictus Gaming in week 4 for the biggest upset of the season yet, and they almost defeated FunPlus Phoenix today too. And now, there’s LPL super team Suning losing to Rogue Warriors who before today, were at the bottom of the table.

Suning entered the New Year’s break feeling good and in top form. They had only dropped one game, but experts didn’t hold it against them too much. One, it was against FunPlus Phoenix, LPL’s only undefeated team. And two, Suning played two out of three games without star mid laner Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang, who was ill and not feeling well. So how could they lose to one of the worst teams in the league?

A RW fan would’ve perhaps liked this victory to be more about their team’s ability rather than about Suning gift-wrapping it all for them. After a rather one-sided game 1, Suning were trailing 0-1, but things were looking good in game 2. After a fight at minute 25 which started at Baron, Suning had chased down Rogue Warriors through the chokes of their jungle and hunted down two RW players. Sure, most of Suning’s players were low on health but Yang “H4cker” Zhi-Hao’s Xin Zhao was unscathed, so of course they turned to Baron again.

What followed was a spectacular throw, which handed Rogue Warriors the game — one they would’ve likely lost.

What should’ve been an easy 5-man Baron into a Nexus-killing push, ended up a complete disaster and H4cker was largely to blame. Instead of staying on target while the rest of the team was chipping down Baron, H4cker showed indecisiveness that ultimately led him to dive the Rogue Warriors, die immediately and allow the Baron to be stolen underneath his nose.

If stealing the Baron wasn’t enough, Rogue Warriors then proceeded to wipe the entire Suning team. The game was over at that point and Suning had only themselves to blame.

The loss pushes Suning out of the top 3 in the current LPL standings, while Rogue Warriors skyrocket to #11. An entry into the top 8 is also within reach for RW, should they best Edward Gaming this Sunday.

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