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Six days still remain until the official “market of players” opens, but in the meantime, rumors, and leaks about what player goes what team and the other way around keep running.

Since the market of Coaching Staff opened last November 1st, we have known some important movements recently, like the change of continent of one of the most successful European coaches: André Guilhoto, who is leaving Astralis (former Origen) to join Immortals in the North American LCS.

And, apparently, Guilhoto is not traveling alone.

According to sources close to the Spanish Esports website ‘Esportmaniacos‘, Andrei ‘Xerxe‘ Dragomir will join his former coach in Immortals.

With this movement, in Europe, the recently renamed team of Astralis would lose a jungler, while in North America, Jake ‘Xmithie‘ Puchero would be out of Immortals.

The rumors about Xmithie parting ways with his team have been told for a while now, as you can see in the following tweet:

As we know, every team in the LCS is restructuring themselves in order to give a push to their competition’s level, and despite Xerxe and Guilhoto have performed the worst Split of their careers, it is true that Xmithie also didn’t accomplish Immortal’s expectations.

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