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Riot Games has opened a position for LCK Esports Color Commentator for Seoul, South Korea. The candidates are to deliver “compelling and exciting LCK broadcasts and participate in production of shoulder contents” and eventually become the new voice of Korean League of Legends.

The vacancy has opened up in the wake of Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith’s recent departure. Smith was the person who’s been the go-to color caster for LCK and has been a mainstay on World Championship desks as well, but left earlier this month to join 100 Thieves as LoL General Manager.

“As Esports Color Commentator, your informative and entertaining insights into professional League of Legends competition will light up on-air broadcasts and off-air written content,” the job description reads. “Drawing on your knowledge of gaming and sprinkling in your unique personality, you’ll drop knowledge bombs as color commentary. Of course, you can talk for hours if no one stops you, but you can wield the digital pen as ruthlessly as your rapier-like wit, slicing through the chaff to get to the wheat of written content. Whether in Los Angeles, Beijing, or anywhere else LoL tournaments come alive, you’re equipped to educate and entertain”

Candidates can apply with resume and cover letter here.

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