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Riot Games are working on releasing Patch 0.9.3 for Legends of Runeterra, and while their preview blog speaks of no balance changes — after all, the last ones came just a week ago — there will be a lot of improvements to the game’s progression system.

Earn cards faster and more reliably

The major changes to Runeterra’s economy in Patch 0.9.3 are:

  • Guaranteed Champion cards for certain vault levels — a level 5+ vault guarantees a random Champion card. A level 10+ vault guarantees a Champion Wildcard.
  • Unlimited Vault rewards — vaults will no longer cap at level 13 and you can level up as much as you want. Beyond level 13, players will earn card capsules with 3 Rares and 2 Commons. Each capsule has a chance to upgrade to an Epic or Champion capsule
  • Wildcards don’t run out of stock in the store — previously, players could buy up to three wildcards per type per week
  • Specific cards can also be purchased from the Collection tab with coins

These three changes combined solve two major problems Runeterra has had. First, the disappointment of opening a max level vault only to find common and rare cards with the occasional epic and no champions. Seeing no golden backs in so many capsules made it feel like leveling a vault to 13 was no achievement at all, or at least not one deserving a proper reward. Now, players will earn at least one Champion Wildcard at level 10.

Second, it fixes the gated progression that’s been in the game since day 1. By limiting how much cards players can earn on a weekly basis, Riot forced active and casual players to progress with comparable speeds. As a result, the first couple of weeks of closed beta, for example, featured largely unoptimized decks, as players didn’t have all the tools they needed to build, test, and adjust lists. With this change, Runeterra follows the example of its other card game cousins — if you want to spend money on wildcards, you’re free to do so with no limitation.

Unlimited XP and consistent Expeditions

With vault levels being unlimited, XP from games will also be adjusted. Wins in ranked and normal will always net at least 200 XP, and Expeditions win will net at least 100 XP.

In terms of Expeditions, entry is 2000 shards or 200 coins (previously 3000 shards or 300 coins). “Combined with the Token in level 2 Vaults, those who love the mode will be able to play Expeditions more easily and less expensively,” Riot Games wrоte.

Riot also said that a new set of cards and a new region will arrive “later this year”.

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