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In a response to a reddit post last night, Riot Games developer RiotAugust shed more light on how hero pools in Teamfight Tactics will work. In short: they will rotate in and out, keeping the meta and the available champions fresh.

The response came in a thread about what would happen to Volibear in Teamfight Tactics after his rework for League of Legends goes through. “We’d likely keep him the same gameplay wise, but update his model and animations (he’s already way different than league Voli tbh),” RiotAugust said. “We’d then rework him to be more like new Volibear if he ever appeared in a future TFT set (we plan to rotate entire champion sets every few months).”

This sheds more light on what RiotAugust already hinted a month ago, saying that “the goal isn’t to ‘get all the champs in'” but instead put some in while taking some out. His recent comment, however, suggests a larger scale of champion rotation — perhaps something similar planned for Valve’s Dota Underlords. It also lines up with Riot’s plans for TFT ranked seasons, and having a different champion pool for each is not only a good idea — it was to be expected.

Meanwhile, TFT got some recent balance changes with Patch 1.14B, where Volibear himself got nerfed, together with Akali and Cursed blade, while the Wild and Sorcerer traits got buffed!

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